Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obamacare: No Fries For You

Cross-posted from Critical Condition on National Review Online.

John Goodman called my attention to work by John Hoff of the Galen Institute, who won a Politico contest to flag the most overlooked health reform provision:
John Hoff, of the Galen Institute, found a choice paragraph in Section 4205. The provision, which requires chain restaurants and vending machines to provide nutrition notices, instructs the HHS Secretary to “consider standardization of recipes and methods of preparation, in reasonable variation in serving size and formula of menu items, space on menus and menu boards, inadvertent human error, training of food service workers, variations in ingredients…” Considering recipes? Sounds more like cooking class, less like health reform.
I, for one, am not holding out hope that the HHS forces McDonald's to serve medium-rare Niman Ranch hamburgers with blue cheese and jalapeños on top.

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